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Disability Compensation
Wage Loss
Medical Care
Longshore Harbor
The Longshore and Harbor
Workers Compensation Act

Harbor workers are essential to the cargo transportation network in the US involving sea-going commerce. These workers face a number of on-the-job hazards...

Commercial Fishing
Commercial Fishing Accidents

In 2006, commercial fishing was the most dangerous job in the US, fishermen had an annual fatality rate that was 36 times higher than the average American worker.

Cruise Ship
Cruise Ship Injuries

Make your next cruise vacation the experience that you intend by understanding the potential risk of injury and what your recourse may be if you are injured on the ship.

Types of Maritime Accidents:

The Problem with Drunk Boating
Commercial Fishing Accidents
Tug Boat and Barge Accidents
Dredging Accidents
Oil Rig Injuries
Shipyard, Dock and Pier Accidents
Drowning Accidents
Cruise Ship Workers Claims

Maritime Injury Laws & Resources

Harbor Workers Dock

Offshore Oil and Gas Workers' Rights
Oil Rig

Offshore oil and gas work is dangerous. While that danger cannot be completely eradicated, it should be minimized. Employees should be able to recover damages if employer negligence leads to an injury or fatality.

Laws Regarding Longshore & Harbor Workers:

The Longshore & Harbor Workers Compensation Act
The Defense Base Act of 1941
The Jones Act
The War Hazards Compensation Act
How are Claims Made Under the LHWCA?
LHWCA Claims Forms Explained
Department of Labor Resources on Longshore Claims

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Longshore & Harbor Workers Compensation Act (LHWCA)

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Defense Base Act
The Frequently Asked Questions

Our Maritime Injury Lawyer answers the 29 most common Defense Base Act Questions. Continue ...

Injured seaman must file a claim within three years of the injury. More on Employees Rights...